New tablet to show at Google I/O

Looks like Google may be planning to reveal a $199 tablet which is built by Asus. At least, according to the fine people at Bloomberg.

the new tablet will be 7-inches and will run the new Android software called Jelly Bean. Google is slated to reveal both at their Google I/O event which starts today in San Franscisco. The new tablet is to take aim at Apple’s iPad and possibly Microsoft’s new Tablet called Surface a derivative of the old Microsoft Surface Table. This will be the first time that Google has released their own hardware tablet that would be built by both them and Asus. It will be a challenge for Google to enter the tablet market against Apple but at a $199 price point they may have a shot.

A few days ago Gizmodo Australia also leaked images of the new tablet which is slated to be released at I/O. The pictures were purported to be from training documents that were meant for employees selling the product. Gizmodo was also confident with their source, but we will have to see what Google announces later today.

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