Let’s Play Xbox Live Indie Game Trials Part 3 – Cherry Poke Prison, Nyan Cat Adventures


Andrew and Keith play yet another title from Freelance Games, but thankfully we’ve also got the mind-erasing Nyan Cat Adventure here to cleanse your palette.


Cherry Poke Prison

See Trailer Park King 2 description above, but this time in jail. Stay classy, Freelance Games.

Price: 80msp. Try it yourself.


Nyan Cat Adventure

A trippy as all hell gravity inversion platformer that devours time and your soul…in the good way.  Seriously, the happy is melting my brain.

Price: 240msp. Try it yourself.

Techno Kitten Adventure

Essentially the same game as Nyan Cat Adventure, but without all of that Nyan song stuff.  Also, jetpacks!

Price: 240msp. Try it yourself 


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