Let’s Play Xbox Live Indie Game Trials Part 2 – Miner of Duty, Decimation X3, DLC Quest


In this blocky edition of playing XBLIG Keith and Andrew learn a lot about right angles. There’s also some games involved.


Miner of Duty

The player is thrown into a small square area filled with zombies to fight and gold blocks to protect. Two weapons, unreliable controls, and constantly jumping enemies make this an amusingly poor experience.

Price: 240msp. Try it yourself.


Decimation X3

A different take on the Space Invaders formula with a fun little soundtrack and visual style. Very simple.

Price: 80msp. Try it yourself.


DLC Quest

One of the more interesting games we’ve seen so far. DLC Quest is a puzzle platformer with a healthy amount of DLC satire. Players must collect coins in order to buy features such as animation and moving left.

Price: 240msp. Try it yourself.

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