RIM replaces disabled man’s lost BlackBerry

Most people take their smartphone for granted, but not Conrad Jackson. Conrad had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy early in life and is unable to speak. Conrad used his BlackBerry to keep in touch with friends and family. He lost his phone on an OC Transpo bus earlier this week.

After waiting for someone to turn in his lost phone he slowly lost faith. Conrad used his BlackBerry to text and email family members and friends but now he is constrained to using a netbook to communicate. CBC News had aired his story on Thursday and by Friday morning RIM called and said they would replace Conrad’s phone for him. Vangelis Nikias of the Council of Canadians said:

“It may mean that you cannot carry on your social interactions. Perhaps it affects your ability to do your work, to communicate with your friends. It probably means increased isolation,” Nikias said.

The staff at the transpo station is still keeping in touch with Conrad in case his phone does turn up. This is a big heartfelt move by RIM and will be very good for their PR. It is nice that big companies like RIM can still show that they listen and care for consumers and will help where they can. Smartphones are helping people with disabilities broaden their communication abilities no matter what tries to slow them down. This news put a smile on my face. Check out the original video below.

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