Apple launches new employee discounts, $500 off Mac, $250 off iPad

Apple employees can finally rejoice and bask in the new discounts offered by Apple. Tim Cook had announced plans back in January to give employees a break on purchasing Apple Mac and iPad’s. Apple is making good on its promise now and current employees are able to take advantage of the new discounts.

Employees will be able to take advantage of $500 off Mac and $250 off iPad.

Unfortunately the new discount does not apply to the new Retina display Macbook Pros. I would assume that Apple would like those new Macbook Pros to reach consumers first before employees. The discount can only be used once every 3 years and they can be stacked with Apple employees 25% discount they already get. Employees eligible for the discount will need to be at the company at a minimum 3 months before they can take advantage of the discount on purchases. The discount will be for both corporate employees and retail.

What do you think? Are the discounts adequate for employees?


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