Serverclub Hosting Service Review

Serverclub is a company which provides dedicated server hosting at cheaper rates compared to other hosting companies. They have their dedicated servers located at Evoswitch Datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This Datacenter is designed with eco-friendly technology CO-neutral basis and the energy-saving systems that permit reduction of costs for dedicated hosting in servers maintained by Serverclub.

If you are making use of shared server, you will be sharing common resources like memory and CPU with other websites hosted on same server. Hence, when there is huge traffic in your website, the performance will get degraded and you might experience service outage in worst cases. Hence, it is recommended to use dedicated servers, but generally they are expensive. But with, you can get affordable hosting services with dedicated server. Also, you can get various benefits 24 X 7 live support, security, and reliability. ServerClub is a Florida-based company and they offer hosting services at cheap rates.

They provide effective, prompt and professional customer support which is an advantage over other hosting service providers. From setting up your hosting account to migration of all your website contents from old server, they can provide good assistance in all areas. Also ServerClub offers VPN servers for privacy and security of your organization. You can have dedicated VPN services to route private data of your organization securely over internet. Their technical specialists will help in choosing the optimal servers for your business websites, provide best hardware configuration, help with Installation and setup and also free maintenance and upgrades whenever needed. They can assist in designing your network and provide suggestions regarding traffic control, server’s workload, transferring data and migrating to different domains.

They have very good infrastructure and provide best hardware for your dedicated host server. Mostly they provide Dell Web servers and these are common server models which they offer,
• Dell R210
• Dell R210 SAS
• Dell R410
• Dell R510 SATA
• Dell R510 SAS
• Dell R610

Their infrastructure is based on Cisco network products and they also have dedicated optical lines with bandwidth up to 400 Gbps. The customers get complete access to dedicated server and majority of payment plans provide iDRAC. The Dell’s superior server technology permits users to operate their service through command-line or web-browser easily.

There are various premium plans for customers starting from $99.00/month for Supermicro DT-I3 server to 390$ per month for Dell R510 SAS server. All plans come with free installation and setup of your site.

Benefits of ServerClub:

1. Excellent bandwidth which supports high volume of traffic
2. Unlimited hosting space
3. 24 x 7 live technical support
4. Superior speed of 220 Gbps which allows faster loading of websites (In range of milliseconds)
5. Reliable hardware from top brands Dell, Cisco etc. and superior Infrastructure.
6. Easy configuration and Installation.
7. Easier payment options like Visa, Master Card, Web money, PayPal etc.
8. 99.9% uptime and high reliability

Final Verdict:

ServerClub is one of the best Dedicated Server Hosting providers with very good features at reasonable price range. There are different plans for different requirements and easy to setup. Also the customer support is good and they respond promptly to your queries. Hence, it’s a good choice for all business users.

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