Let’s Play DayZ Part 1 – Escape From Chernogorsk

 DayZ is an ambitious mod of ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead where players control randomly spawned survivors and try not to fall victim to the zombie apocalypse.  When you die you lose everything, your loot either being left out in the wilderness or added to your murderer’s inventory.  This brings out the worst in people, and in many cases players will shoot each other on sight to ensure their own survival.

To be honest, it was this hostility that made me dislike the mod at first.  Rather than a zombie survival game I felt like the community was forcing me to play a weaker version of Counter-Strike.  Once I found someone outside the game who wanted to team up however I had a blast.  Players are very vulnerable in this game so having someone who has your back becomes a whole new experience.  I really wanted to keep him alive as much as myself.  Because of this experience I recommend this mod, but only if you have someone to play with.

The video looks a bit odd because I had to mess with the brightness and contrast quite a bit.  Nighttime in this game is incredibly dark and for some reason the video got even darker during rendering.  You should be able to see what’s going on, but parts of the inventory are bright and unreadable as a result.

If you want to follow us on the huge map, the video starts out in Komarovo before we make our way all the way to Chernogorsk.

This was pretty much my first day playing the game and definitely my first night, so tips are always welcome.  You could also suggest places to go and things to do for future videos.

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