Mod Junkiez Controllers Pushes Controller Customization

Ever since I got my Xbox 360, I’ve loved the controller. It’s ergonomic and fits my hands almost perfectly. However, despite the great shape the colors and decoration options are limited. While Microsoft periodically releases specially decorated editions with big games, they are few and far between. Sadly, even the special edition controllers are only decorated differently around the case. If you’d like to change out buttons or the D-pad, you’re out of luck.

…Out of luck, that is, unless you are willing to pay a little more- in which case you do have options; not through Microsoft however. A simple Google search of controller customization will show quite a few websites offering custom decorated controllers. Which do you choose? There are risks, with each site using different methods to apply the decoration. Some use a thick paint, while others use a sticker which will peel off over time. After trying a few a couple years back, I’d basically given up: until last week.

When flying out to LA for E3 last week, I had the pleasure of sharing my plane with the co-founder of Mod Junkiez, Jason Kendell. He’d gone to E3 to showcase his wares, and thus had several customized controllers on hand to let me play around with. I was impressed. I could tell they were modded because the feel is slightly more glossy than a factory controller, but it was really the only difference I noticed which is a huge improvement over stickers or thick paint. Kendell explained that Mod Junkiez uses a process that involves thin vinyl overlaid by a layer of clear plastic.

The end result was 98% the same to feel and touch as a factory model, but with the nearly endless possibilities of decoration to choose from. Additionally, Mod Junkiez go beyond decoration, offering customizations of all buttons and pads, plus a rapid fire mod placed in the bottom of the controller. We’ll have a full in-depth review up sometime in the next few weeks, but for now all I can do is recommend you check out the site and look at the options yourself.

Oh, did I mention they do Playstation and Wii controllers as well? Check ’em out!

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