Sim City 5 vs. Cities XL a future showdown?

As many of you may now know, SimCity 5 is slated for release in early next year. Maxis is promising us a glorious and grand return of the title, with amazing new game play and world set up. Yet, they now have some major competition in the city building and simulation genre. SimCity’s cheif competition is Cities XL, which first appeared in 2009 to fill the city building and simulation void left by Maxis and EA when they chose to take such a long break from the franchise. It offers users a full 3D world that could be zoomed into street level and panned 360°, as well as multiplayer capabilities. Cities XL offers and entire globe full of city locations and a variety or maps to choose from, with stunning new and updated graphics it brought to us everything that Sim City 4 couldn’t or hadn’t.

Cities XL introduced a new and deeply interactive trading and resource network that could be both useful and annoying. The complex trading system allows a player to trade with the other cities they have or the built in corporation for resources that their city needs, or they can trade their excess resources for cash. Preplanning for resource usage is a must when building your city in Cities XL. As an example; unlike Sim city 4 you cannot simply place farms were ever you’d like, but instead must place them in fertile areas of the map, or purchase food tokens from another city. From what I’ve seen and heard the new Sim City will have a similar resource set up across the region. Cities can supply each other’s needs so long as they have the workers and buildings to.

Cities XL lacks the ease of play that Sim City has always had in its ability to zone large areas and as the game progressed forward it would grow and develop on its own. While Cities XL does offer an auto fill option it lacks the ability to rezone those plots to a different density or type unless you destroy everything there first. One of Sim Cities Major draws even now is its ability to create the landscapes for you cities and even your entire regions. While Cities XL offers some amazing landscapes it lacks the overall ability to make your own unique environment. SimCity is offering us a new dynamic game play with not just intercity trading and economy but regional environmental effects. With a new glass box simulation engine SimCity takes a huge step forward the city simulation. A step forward that Cities XL might not be able to compete.

So far Cities XL has released a new version and or expansion pack for their game every year since 2009, their most recent being Cities XL 2012. Focus home interactive, the current owners of the Cities XL franchise, have yet to announce a Cities XL 2013. If Focus home Interactive choses to continue the Cities XL franchise, at least for 2013, and they could be SimCity’s biggest competition and I look forward to playing both in the upcoming year.

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Todd Pengelly
Im known to posses large quantities of betentacled animation, and anime. I prefer RTS games followed by any type of game I can play as god. MuHAHAHAHAHA!!
  • in

    It’s not a sequel (not SimCity “5”), it’s a reboot.

    Cities XL a direct competition? lol. It could hardly even overtake outdated SC4 when it comes to the number of users.

  • IdgaradLyracant

    Cities XL? It was Sim-Communism. It’s closer to Tropico then to Sim City. The government told you where you could and couldn’t live. There was no simulation in neighborhoods property values rising and falling. It was literally the state telling people where they could and couldn’t live. Comparing Cities XL to SimCity is insulting.

  • Kamran Ul Haq

    it will now after debacle of simcity 2013 … i think focus have a great chance now to improve just a little bit and become leader in city building… CXL have everything simcity 2013 (which i call sim neighborhood) not … large cities, good graphics batter transportation and so on

  • Ramosian Manifestó

    Bet your eating your words now.

  • IdgaradLyracant

    No, EA was just pissed that Monteo Cristo grabbed the crown for worst city simulator and made Cities XL 2, they just decided to rename it Sim City for better marketing. Sim City 4 was the last Sim City title. Stilling playing Sim City 4 with 6gbs of mods loaded and far better then Sim Commie or that pos EA tried to pass off as a Sim City game.