E3 2012: Sim City 5 Will Be Absolutely Amazing

While at E3 this week we stopped by the E3 booth and checked out the new Sim City title due to release 2013 by Maxis. It has been some 9 years since the last release of a Sim City title being that Sim City 4 was released in 2003.

The new Sim City looks simply amazing. The graphics jump from the previous versions is immense. Take a look at the shot below, click on it to see the larger high resolution version. See those curvy roads in the screen shot? Yes you can make them now and the houses and buildings build along the curve just like in the picture. This is a real shot of gameplay and not a drawing.


I was excited when I found out that Maxis and Sim City would be attending E3 to show off this wonderful title that eats most of my time when I play it. Maxis did reveal multiplayer for Sim City. At first I said how can they do multiplayer in a game like this? Remember when you go into region mode and you can play god and select different areas to build your city? Well this is where multiplayer comes in. Other players can build in your region if you so let them and their cities will directly affect yours. How you ask? Let me tell you. Say the city next to you is very industrial and heavily polluted and has a river flowing through its city which also flows through yours. Well, that river will be very polluted and will start to move into your city. Either you address the problem or face problems in your city.

Another cool feature in multiplayer that was demoed was the ability to share costs in creating an international airport. Multiple players can participate in providing materials to build the airport. The game will make it clear which industries are needed in each city to facilitate its construction.

During the demo Maxis actually zoomed in quite close to a bank in a city which was being robbed because it was a high crime area. You could see the thieves pull up to the bank go in then you would hear the gunfire and the bank alarm. And if the police were not at the donut shop, they would go and arrest the burglars. It just shows you how far graphics have come and how much detail has gone into the game creation and design. Check out the shot above that shows the detail in the protesters at City Hall.

During the demo Maxis unveiled features that will make the game much easier to play for newcomers and even veterans. The developers have made it much easier to determine what you city needs and wants to prosper and what is hurting it. I was also impressed with the way traffic was handling in the game, it seems much better than previous games in terms on how the AI moved it seemed more controlled and less chaotic.

I was very impressed with the overall game thus far and do expect it to do well at market next year. If you have any questions for me or if I missed anything please ask in the comment section below.

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  • Oliver Bosell

    I just hope that maxis makes the city map bigger then 2x2km!

  • Scott Walker

    Really high expectations for this one! I hope they do a better job than they did with Societies

  • Brenden N

    As do I! Word is, that they are promising to go back to the original formula and make it as realistic and complex as we and knew and loved.

  • Brenden N

    I’m absolutely excited about this game. I am a huge fan of the older Sim City games. I’m that guy who still believes it never got any better than 2000. I’m really hoping they go back to that style with this game.