E3 2012 – Age of Wushu

I got a phone call a few weeks back from Snail Games, inviting me to try out their upcoming MMO: Age of Wushu. I’m not really one for MMOs, but it’s E3, I’m a tech writer, and to be honest the fact that they called me felt good. So we set up a time, and today I was able to get a first look.

I was able to sit down with one of the developers of the game, who walked me through the movement, basic combat, and leveling system the game uses. My first reaction was, “Damn! This looks good.” Obviously not on the graphics level of Mass Effect or Halo, but for an MMO, it looks great.

My second reaction was, “This is different.” Most MMOs, and RPGs in general are based around a character leveling system. As your character gains experience, your overall level increases, and you can choose to upgrade skills.

In Age of Wushu, there is no over-arching character level. Instead, players level up skills directly. If you learn how to use a throwing star for example, you can practice that skill and increase its utility and power. If you like climbing buildings and walking on water, you can practice your agility to increase it. Everything is direct, and it makes for a more realistic experience.

Due to the early development phase the game currently inhabits, we weren’t able to go through live P2P combat, or NPC combat. However, beta testing is expected to begin in July and TekGoblin will be partaking, so we’ll be able to post follow-up information. Final release of Age of Wushu is expected sometime in Q3 this year.

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