Wii U Details Revealed in Pre-E3 Video

Wii U Concept Controller

Nintendo has recently released a video (below) showing off a preview of what their new system the Wii U can do. It is the first look since last years E3 of what Nintendo’s new console has in store for the gaming community and how they believe will change the way you think about gaming…again. In the video, they show a typical gamer playing a zombie first person shooter who runs into a problem fighting the last boss, and instead of going to a nearby laptop or PC which he seems to not have anywhere near his persons, he sends a message over the new Wiiverse Network asking for help from the community. After looking around recent posts the gamer does a video chat with another gamer who tells him how to beat the boss.

Wii U Video Chat

To Think, Even Grandpa Is Better At Games Then You!

While this functionally seems unique and maybe beyond what I personally am looking for in a video game console, I can’t help but wonder about how useful this community will be. In the time it would take you to make a post, wait for a response, try out their advice, and hoping it works, you could just look up a typical IGN strategy guide and beat the game. Beyond that, there is also a high chance that with added support for uploading pictures you draw on your Wii U Gamepad you will run into a large amount of dick drawings or useless garbage you end up just scrolling through. Not much detail has been shown on how they will moderate comments or posts, or how parents can set restrictions for their children to prevent such exposure to poorly drawn dicks.


This Topic is just Asking for Dick Drawings!

However, to be more positive, the new interaction between the Wii U and the Gamepad are very interesting. I like the idea of holding up a controller and aiming with the small screen to pitch a ball in baseball or place the controller on the ground and swing a Wiimote over it to get a better shot in golf, but some parts seem less functional. Aiming on a small screen in a first person shooter for instance could prove to be a slight burden, but that will all depend on how developers chose to use this technology. Taking for instance how the DS uses both screens, one screen for inventory, one for gameplay which proved pretty useful in games like Poke’mon Black and White or Zelda Phantom Hourglass. There is a lot of potential here that Nintendo knows it has and seems willing to push the concept to its limits.

Another nice feature was the introduction of the Wii U Pro Gamepad which looks like an offspring of a PS3 and Xbox 360 controller which might be what was missing in bringing more serious gamers to the Wii. The added support for the Wiimote, Nunchucks and the fitness board were a great sight to see as well (because honestly, what else would you do with those Wii controllers?).

Overall, the Wii U is something to follow for now, but I personally feel they still have a bit to work on before I start getting excited about a new console on the market.

Check out the video below to see the full list of features and a really long talk about how the Wii will make families talk with each-other again. Unless Dad needs to watch the big game and kicks everyone out of the Living Room.

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