Sony reveals facial and voice recognition for EverQuest 2

Sony announced that they are going to be releasing a facial and voice recognition feature for EverQuest 2. The new feature will be revealed in its fullest at E3 2012 on Monday and will be called SOEmote. This new feature is to bring the role playing to a whole new level in EverQuest 2. You will be able to both talk in game and make your voice sound more like your character. Even more if you have a webcam you will be able to change your characters facial expressions based on your current facial expressions in the real world. Be sure to check out the demo above, we will try and check this out at E3 2012 on Monday. From Sony:

SOEmote brings an unprecedented level of immersion within EQII through the real-time personal expression of characters, truly bringing the roleplay back to roleplaying games. The new feature is based on the revolutionary facial recognition software created by Image Metrics and integrates Vivox’s Voice Font technology.

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