New “Legends” Game Comes to iOS, Android, and Chrome

Spacetime Studios, the people who brought us titles such as “Pocket Legends”, “Star Legends” and “Dark Legends” have announced a new game coming to iOS, Android and Chrome devices soon. It will be called “Arcane Legends” and seems to be just the Legends game I have been looking for. I prefer more traditional game offerings with choices like Rogues and Sorcerers rather than Archers and Enchantresses. Luckily for me, that’s what this game is going to have!

With the Rogues, Sorcerers, and Warriors, players will level up and customize their character’s abilities using skill points when they level, much like in other “Legends” titles. What will be unique to this title is a new combat system. It is designed to be more fast-paced; players can choose to assail their opponent with a barrage of quick attacks or let their rage meter charge and unleash a more powerful attack.

Grab whatever mobile device or tablet you have, and get ready to play an excellent new title from the creators of one of the best mobile Action/RPG franchises in Fall of this year!

More information on the game and updates can be found here.

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