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As technology develops, we are becoming increasingly reliant on it too. That reliance however can benefit us in many ways, helping us to monitor and ultimately improve our health and well-being. There is an increasing number of apps helping people gather data about themselves from tracking how much they eat to even measuring the quality of their sleep. Here we review some of the most useful ones:

Zeo – This sleep manager app, along with a mobile headband unit, is a comprehensive system to help people improve their sleep. The system tracks your sleep pattern to see how much restorative Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and deep sleep you actually get. They are critical for mental clarity, physical well-being and peak performance. This information is then wirelessly sent to your smartphone or tablet to produce a score which you can monitor over time and against others in your age group. Through online tools and management, Zeo helps you identify which ‘sleep stealers’ such as stress and caffeine, are impacting the quality of sleep the most. If this wasn’t enough, the technology also has an alarm feature, which calculates the optimal time to gently wake you, helping you to wake up feeling alert and refreshed.

Fitbit – More of an overall lifestyle monitor and manager, Fitbit enables you track aspects of your life such as number of steps taken, calories burned, amount of food and drink consumed and amount of sleep. As with Zeo, there is a small device you must carry with you. Once the tracker is within 15 meters of the base station attached to your MAC or PC, the information transfers to your account wirelessly. This can then be transferred to the Fitbit app helping you to monitor your lifestyle on the go. If you download Facebook, you can then share how you are getting on with friends and family and set collaborative goals. Fitbit also has a feature where you can sync the app to other popular lifestyle monitors such as LoseIt!, RunKeeper and as described below, Endomondo.

Endomodo – This app is far more smartphone/social media orientated. The app tracks your running, cycling and other sports using GPS, and relays this information back to an activity feed on the website in real-time. Friends following you live can provide real-time peptalks, whilst others can download your route and compete against your time. It is essentially a sports community.

MoodScope – A web based application for measuring, tracking and sharing your mood. Moods are measured by an online card game, which are translated into a score. Over time you can track your mood pattern, determining what events are causing your ups and downs. These results can then be shared automatically via email to selected recipients.

Mint – To manage your money. Mint brings all your financial accounts together in one online interface. It automatically downloads data from your financial accounts via bank level security, and separates your transactions into categories; restaurant’s, gas & fuel, cigarettes etc. The app helps you explore where and how you spend your money, aiding you to see where all your money is going and to set budgets and achieve your savings goals. Check out an iPad or PlayBook review to see how you this app can help you organise your finances on the go.

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