BlackBerry Messenger Appears on Android

The infamouse BlackBerry Messenger app had been seen on an Android phone. Now, according to various sources this has been rumored in the past and nothing has come of it. However, now there have been much clearer images taken showing BlackBerry Messenger running on an Android phone.

The phone pictured here is however still being shielded from being revealed. It makes sense for BlackBerry to launch their messenger service on other platforms as their BlackBerry handsets are not doing so well these days in competition with Android and iOS.

It is completely possible that this photo is a fake or an early prototype. We will have to see if this feature ever come to life, but if it did would you use it?

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  • Tristan Thomas

    I’m waiting for this because I have a ton of friends in third world countries that use the stil use BB. I would get it even if I had to pay!