Pritect for Kinect Review for the Paranoid

Are you paranoid that the Xbox Kinect sensor might be staring at you while you aren’t using it? Well there is a solution for that called Pritect for Kinect. Basically this little invention is a piece of bent plastic that perfectly fits over your Xbox Kinect to block the camera sensors yet still show the logo. The Pritect does not impede audio recognition at all it just does not allow the Kinect sensor to pick up any video. The Kinect sensor starts up normally while covered it just cannot get its bearing and adjust itself. This inability to adjust itself does not affect its performance.

I tried out the Pritect and I think it is helpful for the times when you are sitting in front of your tv and the Kinect sensor accidentally misinterprets movment in the room for commands. This misinterpretation was happening to me frequently when I was near my Kinect sensor but just out of range for it to track me accurately. Once you put the Pritect over the Kinect sensor you get rid of the erroneous inputs and are left with just voice.

So basically the Pritect works as intended and I have no complaints. If you think that this device can help you, go ahead and order it from the Pritect website. Oh, there is also a PS3 model.

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