Apple ‘Captures’ iPad 3 Units that Exhibit WiFi Issues

There have been many reports of users with the WiFi Only version of the iPad 3 having connectivity and signal issues with WiFi connections. The symptoms include slow download and upload speeds, connection drops, and complete loss of connectivity.

If your WiFi Only iPad 3 is exhibiting WiFi connectivity issues, Apple is now replacing those devices. All you need to do is visit an Apple retail store near you and bring in the device and they will replace it if it’s exhibiting the issues described.

The symptoms that Apple has admitted to are as follows:

  • intermittent connectivity
  • Slow Wi-Fi speeds
  • Wi-Fi network not seen

This issue only apparently affects the WiFi only 3rd Generation iPad and not the 4G versions. So again, if you have the issues go ahead and stop by an Apple Store and talk to a member of the staff. Make sure that you bring your iPad, AC Adapter, and USB Cable for a quicker exchange.



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