Playa iPhone Case Helps Get You Laid

Playa Case

For most iPhone users, having a case is for the sake of protecting our expensive investment from the average clumsiness of human nature. However, Annex Products has a different idea of what an iPhone case means, with their introduction of the Playa Case. The Playa Case is an iPhone 4/4S Polycarbonate hard case featuring a discrete compartment on the backside which can be easily accessed by sliding back a secured thin cover which can carry two condoms in complete privacy preventing that awkward moment when you drop a condom out of your wallet.

For those unsure, check out a video of the Playa Case in action:

The purpose of this idea comes with a more after school special type message, ensuring that protection is never farther away than your fingertips. Thankfully Annex Products knows why this might sound enticing, no ring of a condom visible through the leather of your wallet anymore giving away your intentions. If James Bond had an iPhone, I am convinced he would have something similar as a case for those intimate encounters that make most men dream of being a secret agent.

The Playa Case will retail for $29.95 and be available in three colors – black, white and pink. The case will be available for purchase in summer 2012 at the Opena home page.


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Andrew Wilson
Andrew has been poking and prodding computers for 11 years who occasionally writes about Technology and Video Games while working towards getting his Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He is also one of the contributors to the Let's Play's on the site.
  • Tristan Thomas

    I see greater uses for this. Debit cards, ID and other things i put in my wallet

  • Sanity

     I noticed this in my email earlier I was like WTF… LOL

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