Best of April Fools 2012

We at TekGoblin always appreciate a good joke and especially enjoy checking out all of the good ones on April 1st every year. Below is a nice list of the best we have found from around the web for you to check out, Enjoy!

ThinkGeek April Fools

ThinkGeek always does a good job on April Fools and gets better every year.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 To name a few…

Google Maps in 8-Bit

Google introduces a new way to search the web with your Nintendo Entertainment System.


Google’s Really Advanced Search

Google created this nice prank that allows you to perform a extremely detailed search on the search engine and can be found here.


Google Chrome Multitask Mode

Google released a new feature for Google Chrome that allows you to display 2 mouse pointers on the screen to accomplish twice the tasks. You can try the demo here.


Google and NASCAR partner up to use autonomous cars!

Google partners up with NASCAR and puts their technology together to be used in racing. Drivers won’t have to drive the cars any more, they can just sit back and relax while racing.


Amazon Delivers EC2 Servers

Amazon has launched a new service that allows you to order your very own EC2 server which will be delivered directly to your doorstep, check it out here!


World Smallest Ultrabook from Sony

Sony has created the world smallest laptop that has unparalleled power! Check out the site here and the video below for more info.


Mars Effect from the creator of MineCraft

The creator of MineCraft has launched Mars Effect which is a ploy on Mass Effect and has the following features: “waist high walls” and “a game ending that makes sense,” among the more serious “hard science fiction”, “space battles against the AI or other players”, “abandoned ships full of loot”, “seamlessly landing on planets”, “advanced economy system”, and “mining, trading and looting.”


Conan buys!

Good ole Conan O’Brian just picked up and in doing so made a nice video below.

 Virgin Volcanic for those who want to take a trip to the center of the earth!


Reddit Time Machine

Reddit lets users look at Reddit both in the past and future!


That is our list so far, feel free to let us know about others in the comments below!

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