Techinline Remote Desktop Review

So I was asked to take a look at the Techinline Remote Desktop application that allows you to remotely assist customers or friends. Basically a customer or friend just goes to a website and gets a code then all you need to do is enter the code into your screen to start a session.

First you go to and you get a code if you want to join as a client. You will then need to send that code to the person that is going to help you out. The code will look like the picture above.

The person doing the remote assistance will need to visit the link at and make sure you are logged in and you can enter the code given to you by the guest as shown above. Once you have established a connection with your guest and they have also accepted the connection on their screen you are good to go. Next you will need to press the buttons on the top of the screen that say either share your desktop or view and control the other desktop.

Overall the service runs okay, I didn’t do extensive testing but I did make sure it worked as intended. You can start out with a 15 day trial at or pay for the full subscription for only $30 a month starting. Full pricing details are available on this page.

One major drawback that I found with their service was that it did not work on Mac OS. I tried to launch the client on my Mac and got an error that said “Your operating system is not supported” so I can only assume that it is not. The service can also allow a user to just view the client desktop and not actually control it. The remote service seems to be a 1:1 connection meaning that it does not support more than 2 users at any given time.  Try out this Remote Desktop Software and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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