The New iPad Arrives Friday, but your Apps May Not be Prepared

After Apple showed the new iPad, with its higher resolution display and variety of new apps, there may be a consequence.  If you already own an iPad, you probably have your favorite iPad apps and are ready to see them on a brand new display.  Nevertheless, don’t be shocked to find some apps are not ready for this new addition.

The Problem

The new iPad, hence its name of “HD”, has four times the amount of pixels as the iPad 2 does.  One thing that will be a result of this is the size of your apps.  Even some of Apples’s apps have increased in size.  Apple’s spreadsheet application has gone from 109MB to 283MB.  This means longer work times for developers, and more waiting on your download to finish.

To help with the downloads, Apple has increased the data limit for “over the air” downloads.  This limit has gone from 20MB to 50MB on 3G and 4G devices.  It will be interesting to see how this enhancement  plays out over time.

The Difference Between Apple’s Apps and the Others

As soon as the announcement of the new iPad was made, Apple went to work updating all its apps to use the new display to their advantage.  The problem is that not all developers will get these updates out before the new iPad’s release.  Some developers have little to no news about plans to update their apps, and ones that do say they are trying to keep the sizes down.

Don’t Worry!  Its Not the First Time!

After the iPad 2 was released (bringing a new display as well), there were only a handful of devs who had upgraded their apps in time for the new iPad’s release.  One reason for this was the fact many iPads still did not have Retina displays.  Developers were more focused on getting apps out there for the community then updating all the apps for the new display.  However, there may be many more looking to upgrade their original iPads and their iPad 2’s this time.  This fact may show a quicker release of updates, but at the same time, may not.

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