Apple Announces iPhoto for the New iPad and iOS

Today at the Apple event they announced a version of iPhoto on the iPad which will be available starting today in the App store.  iPhoto will allow you do to some serious photo editing which was difficult to achieve before. The app will help you organize your photos and share them from device to device. The app is available today for $4.99 which will work on iPad and iPhone.

With the new iPhoto you can edit and manipulate images at resolutions of up to 19 megapixels. The app will also let you compare your edited photo and the original quickly. You can change exposure, shadows, white balance, etc just by touching the screen. It will do mostly simple photo and color adjustments which is all that we need on the iPad.

Once you are done editing the photo it will let you share your photos on a variety of sites. You will be able to share on iCloud, Flikr, Twitter, and Facebook.

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