Fair Labor Association Releases Foxconn Apple Labor Report

The Fair Labor Association has been investigating working condition for workers of Foxconn facilities located in China. The FLA reported that it interviewed some 35,000 workers at Foxconn factories in Guanian, Longhua, and Chengdu. They also reported that of the 35,000 workers they interviewed only 4% of them were under the age of 18 with 16 being the legal working age in China.

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Techinline Remote Desktop Review

So I was asked to take a look at the Techinline Remote Desktop application that allows you to remotely assist customers or friends. Basically a customer or friend just goes to a website and gets a code then all you need to do is enter the code into your screen to start a session.

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Xfinity 360 App Will Not Count Against Bandwidth Cap

Comcast internet subscribers can rejoice. Comcast has recently announced that they will not be counting content streamed via their Comcast Xfinity App on the Xbox 360 against their bandwidth caps.  Comcast claims that since the data is only traversing their internal Comcast network that it will not count towards your 250 GB limit a month.

I believe Comcast refers to “internal” as internal to the global Comcast network because technically when network traffic leaves your home router it moves out onto the internet. However I suppose if Comcast owns all the lines between you and them it could be internal.

“Since [Xfinity On Demand] is being delivered over our private IP network and not the public Internet, it does not count against a customer’s bandwidth cap. and the XFINITY TV app stream content over the public Internet and count toward the customer’s bandwidth cap,” Comcast wrote in its¬†Xbox FAQs.

I still openly believe that the bandwidth caps that Comcast places on their users is unjust even though they state that most users do not even come close to the caps. I believe that if I pay for the connection I shouldn’t be limited in the amount of data I can transfer over the network, I am already limited by the speed I can transmit data to the internet.

Please post a comment below if you would like to share your opinion.

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Hauppage Broadway Review

The Broadway by Hauppage! is a pretty neat little device. It is a small box designed to be hooked up to your home television broadcast method of choice, and stream a live feed of your channels to your desired alternative watching mechanism. I had the opportunity to try one out this past week.

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Xfinity on Xbox Releases with a Major Server Problem

Xfinity on Xbox

Since the release of the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360, we have been waiting for the release of Xfinity for the Xbox 360. Today it was finally released only there is one problem, it doesn’t work.

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