Apple iPad 3 Event Confirmed March 7th

Looks like Apple will be announcing the new Apple iPad 3 on March 7th in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. The iPad 3 has been rumored to include the upgraded camera which we all felt should have launched in the iPad 2. Apple has not revealed any information about the iPad 3 except for the announcement.

Other rumors this year include a more expensive iPad 3 with a smaller form factor and higher resolution than the current iPad. These rumors are quite possible but we usually don’t see Apple move away from their designs. However this is the year for the iPhone 5 which is slated to be a radical new design in which the iPad 3 could follow through with.

Apple could also plan to include 4G LTE access in the iPad 3 and possibly the iPhone 5 which will release later in the year. Of’course these are all rumors but are not too wild that they could just happen. Well, stay tuned on the 7th for more information on what is to come.

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