Let’s Play: The Darkness 2 Vol. 2

Let's Play The Darkness 2

Join Andrew as he lives the life of a Mob Boss with a deadly powerful monster living inside him that murders everything in sight with the Darkness 2. For-Warning, there is going to be a lot of blood and gore, so you might want to avoid this if you are privy to that sort of thing.

Andrew walks through a brothel hoping to murder everything in sight, only to be forced to walk through a really slow scene where he talks to a hooker and passes all these good potential murder victims until he is finally handed a gun and allowed to murder to his hearts content.

Next we get to play through the eyes of a darkling as it walks around and eventually murders some people brutally before breaking into the hideout and starting another murder spree. Andrew is finally captured and forced to watch painful things happen to him as a man who looks like he needs some serious facial surgery yells in his face about stealing the Darkness from him.

Andrew attempts to escape from a burning building while running into more lights than originally thought there would be in a game called ‘Darkness’

Andrew finally heads back to the mansion where all of his followers are either dead or fighting for their life, so of course, more murder time ensues and all to save Aunt Sarah.

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