Comcast Xfinity Streampix to Compete with Netflix Directly

Comcast has announced that it will launch its own streaming service that will compete with Netflix directly. The service will be called Xfinity Streampix. Comcast will bundle the service with its existing cable offerings and will have a price point set at $4.99 a month which is lower than Netflix’s current $7.99 a month offering.

We have known for some time that Comcast was making something to compete with Netflix and Hulu’s streaming services. Streampix will provide shows such as “30 Rock,” and “Lost” and movies like “Ocean’s Eleven”. The offering will be very similar to Netflix’s current offering of previously aired TV shows.

Comcast will be able to offer media from their current contracts with companies already broadcasting on their TV network. If done correctly Comcast has the potential to have a much larger library than that of Netflix and should pose great competition against Netflix. Other competitors include Redbox and Verizon, as well as Amazon Prime instant streaming services.

Comcasts current subscriber numbers keeps them in the number 1 position currently with Netflix at 21.7 million subscribers on its online-streaming service. It will be interesting to see if any subscriber shifts occur between the two services when Streampix launches.

Netflix also loses all of their Starz content on the 28th of this month which will dramatically cut away from their Movie selection for instant viewers on the service. This was due to a failed deal between Starz and Netflix late last year.

The new Xfinity Streampix service will launch February 23rd for Comcast Subscribers.




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  • Nosgoth1979

    Wow, do they really think they’re going to compete with Netflix with this anemic Streampix offering? Okay so the price is a bit less, but it’s tied to one of the most overpriced cable services around. And besides, there’s better options available. Like for instance, Blockbuster @Home. I’ve had it since my employer, DISH, released it, and I think it’s great. With streaming on a nice library of shows and movies, DVD, Blu Ray, and video game rentals by mail, and a slew of high-def movie channels, it’s a much better deal than paying an extra five bucks a month for a very limited amount of streaming.

  • Sanity

     I think it is definitely possible that they could compete at their price point. However, I do not think you will be able to get the service as a separate service. The service will be bundled with your existing cable service and will likely require you to have Comcast cable service.

  • Nosgoth1979

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it being tied to their service, after all Blockbuster @Home is also tied to DISH satellite service (for now at least), and market research shows the majority of Netflix customers actually have some type of (more traditional) pay-TV-service as well. So I don’t see that as a major issue/obstacle. And you’re certainly right about the basic price point, five bucks a month isn’t too bad; it’s when you take everything into account is when I think the value drops. And I just simply think that if one is going to have a streaming service with a pay-TV provider, one would be better off with DISH and Blockbuster @Home. It delivers more and will come out to be less costly after everything’s factored together.

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