Foxconn has Issues According to Fair Labor Association

Foxconn is the company that is responsible for assembling most of Apple’s latest and greatest products and has been at the center of the news lately. The Fair Labor Association who monitors the working conditions of facilities that product Apple products has started investigating Foxconn. They have found “tons of issues” when visiting Foxconn Technology Group plant in Shenzhen, China, FLA Chief Executive Officer Auret van Heerden said.

Foxconn has been in the news numerous times for unsafe working conditions and worker suicides. The investigations are in place to make sure that the unsafe working conditions are corrected and unneeded deaths prevented.

The FLA found tons of issues and they plan to release their findings in the coming weeks on what was found at the Foxconn plants. They also stated that the company is cooperating fully with the inspections and plans to make corrections where needed. Foxconn released the following statements to BusinessWeek:

“Foxconn is cooperating fully with this audit and we will review and act on all findings and recommendations,” Foxconn said in an e-mailed statement today. “This is a very professional and thorough review and any deficiencies the FLA might find in the implementation of customer or Foxconn policies will be addressed.”

In lieu of recent explosions at the Foxconn plant related to the polishing of Aluminum Foxconn has installed better ventilation to help prevent dust buildup. Buildup which lead to the deaths of 3 workers and injured at least 70. The FLA group will intervew 35,000 employees about their working conditions at Foxconn. However they are finding it very hard to get workers to talk about the more sensitive topics.

The changes that Foxconn have made to the conditions at the company are “dramatic” says Van Heerden. Foxconn will now need to improve its image to the world and its consumers this will be a difficult task.

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