Apple Settles Antennagate Lawsuit $15 or Free Bumper Case for iPhone 4 Users

A lawsuit was filed against Apple in July of 2010 against the signal degradation better known as “Antennagate” on the iPhone 4.  The settlement in the lawsuit has received preliminary approval. The case sought damages for owners of the original iPhone 4 which said that “the case and antenna design has led to a substantial degradation in signal quality and dropped calls when the phone is used in a normal and foreseeable fashion by users.”

What does this mean for owners of the original iPhone 4? One of two options, either a $15 check will be sent to each user or a free bumper case for their iPhone 4.  Once Apple brings up the site consumers will be able to visit to find out more information and what steps they need to take to be compensated. It is not yet known what will happen with consumers that already have partaken in the free bumper case offered originally when the iPhone 4 released. The original suit is below:

Complaint Tietze Apple FINAL

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