Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Strategy Guide Pushed Back AGAIN!

As a huge fan for this newly released title, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, I was rather upset to find out that the strategy guide has been pushed back again. Originally scheduled to release on February 7th with the game, it was posted on Facebook today that players will be able to recieve the strategy guide “in the next couple of weeks” with no offical set date. After not releaseing on the original date with the game, retailers had been told that the new release date would be this Friday, February 17th, and are now saying that it should be in stores Friday, February 24th.

Curt Schilling updated fans early yesterday morning on the game’s forums page

“I’ve just received confirmation from our partners at Future Press that the Reckoning strategy guide has been sent to the printer. The printing process will take about 10 days, and then they go straight into the mail…I’m sorry that they weren’t available on launch day.”

As a “thank-you to everyone who purchased the strategy guide and stuck with us” Schilling promises they will be holding a “fun” contest soon on their fourm page to win prizes. With any luck, a prize will be the ability to purchase the next strategy guide they release one time. Let’s hope that no one gets frustrated to the point of no return, and gives up on this amazingly dense RPG too soon while they await the release of the helpful book which is sure to carry them throughout the entire game. Highly doubtful since the game is a complete blast with beautiful graphics and outstanding gameplay. Schilling later reports

“Our goal is to never make the same mistake twice. We absolutely believe you are going to love the guide, it has every ounce of quality and quantity that our collector’s edition items had.”

For myself the promised love for this guide is not only believable but adds to the antipacition since Future Press posted on the game’s Facebook page that

“We have increased the page count from initially 400 to now 600 pages to make justice to the massive content that the game delivers. We could have easily deleted entire chapters just to be in time (and the guide would have still been decent), but that’s not what we do.”

This claim shows that the massive guide of Reckoning challenges to rival the Elder Scrolls Skyrim strategy guide which has 655 pages of full detail to escort you the snowy Nord lands of Skyrim. I, for one, will continue to play Reckoning while I wait in anticipation to see if this delayed strategy guide lives up to the long wait for it’s release.

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