New Television Technology from CES 2012

With the recent CES conference in January, television manufacturers unveiled both their television models for the coming year and concept designs for the future. With this conference and other announcements, we’ve got a clear view of some of the new technologies manufacturers plan to include in their sets.

Among these cool technologies are ultra-thin displays, improved 3D technology and a vast improvement on current HD standards. Everyone from the end-users to television networks such as DirecTV should be interested in seeing where television manufacturers are guiding the industry.


Displays have been slimming down for years, but 2012 so far has seen displays get thinner than some smartphones. LG has demoed displays with screens larger than 55” that are less than 10 millimeters thin.

At that point, the displays showed off by LG are thinner than most consumers’ smartphones. One of the benefits of these big displays is their increased mobility. A large screen no longer needs to be mounted and mostly left in one room for its lifespan.


Even cooler than thin television sets, though, is the new 3D technology showed off by Toshiba and other manufacturers. Previous 3D displays required users to wear cumbersome glasses, but in the past year 3D displays that don’t require glasses started to hit the market.

The drawback to these displays, though, is that they require users to sit in a “sweet spot” to get the 3D effect. Toshiba has shown off a display that uses an embedded camera to track user movement. This stops users from having to sit in a certain spot, and the 3D effect can be experienced from virtually anywhere.


Finally, one last technology that’s been shown off is the 4K resolution. Right now, the best HD content is at a 1080p resolution. 4K resolution is roughly four times as clear as 1080p, and is more comparable to 35mm film than any current TV standard.

These displays will start to hit the market in 2012, although they will have to rely on upscaling until television providers such as DirecTV start to provide native 4K content.

2012 is set to be a year of change for television sets. With improved technologies both in resolution and the way 3D content is delivered, the market might be on the verge of a major evolution.

The next generation of HDTVs, with its 4K displays and glasses-free 3D technology, is something that people should be looking forward to. Make sure you have all the latest programming available for your new set, and check out for details on what you could be viewing in HD or 3D.
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