Final Fantasy XIII-2 Receives First DLC

There are two Downloadable Content packs now available for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The first is a Coliseum battle with Lightning and Amodar, and the second is an alternative “Warrior” outfit for Noel.

Upon defeating Amodar and Lightning in the Coliseum, a crystal will be obtained and you will be able to fight alongside them much like with any monster obtained in the same manner. I have 29:57:48 into the game at this point and was able to initiate the battle and stagger Lightning, but once Amodar joined the battle my party went down fairly quickly, so I cannot give any firsthand accounts as to what it is like to have them battle by your side. While it is obvious that it will take a fairly experienced party at a late stage in the game to defeat them in battle, I have to say that I like the opportunity this presents because it has been fairly disappointing not to be awarded the rich cast of characters that one might expect when playing Final Fantasy titles. It is not typical that you play through the entire game with just two player characters as in XIII-2.

Each Downloadable Content pack is available now in the PlayStation Store for $2.99 a piece.

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