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The GreenSmart Puku is an earth friendly messenger style laptop bag made out of 30 recycled plastic bottles, which is promptly displayed on the bottom right corner of the bag. The bag itself measures H 13”xW 15”xD 4.5” It has a zippered top closure with padded bay that can fit up to a 15.4”

Puku Insidelaptop in it as well as two mesh pockets measuring H 5.5”xW 8”. A quick access half flap front pocket held closed with a magnet, inside it has three slots to put either business or credit cards, two pencil slots, and a H 4.5”xW 9.5” mesh pocket.  A zippered pocket of the bottom front that is approximately H 6”x W 12” I couldn’t get a perfect measurement due to the fact that this pocket curves slightly on either end. There is also a pocket located on each side of the bag both of which are large enough to fit a standard size water bottle, and finally a back pocket that is the full width of the bag.

Puku InsideIf you’re looking for a bag with lots of pockets for storage then this one is great, you can fit so much in it, and it also has an adjustable shoulder strap that at its smallest is 29.5” while at its largest is 54.5”. This particular bag comes in three separate colors; black with a burnt orange interior, olive green with a grey interior, and burnt orange with a grey interior.

The Puku Messenger Bag is available now for $49.95.

The next product I received from them was the Kimono, a 10” netbook, tablet, or e-reader sleeve. It is black with a grey printing of the ‘green cred’ on the front left and back right side of the sleeve, as well as, the GreenSmart logo and the word ‘neogreene’ on the front right bottom corner. Komodo Outside

This sleeve has a specially designed gusset and mesh interior to help your laptop breath and cool down quicker. It is made of neogreene which means the outside of the sleeve is waterproof, so if you accidently spill something on it, no problem, just wipe it off and you’re good to go. Neogreene itself is an ecofriendly version of neoprene, which is the most commonly, used fabric in wet/dry suits.

Komodo InsideThe zippered opening isn’t just at the top either it goes half way down each side of the sleeve giving you a wider opening and easier access to your item. Another thing I really liked about this sleeve is that it has two zippers, unlike most other sleeves you’ll find on the market, the pulls on them also have a good wide opening so if you’re super paranoid you can lock the sleeve closed so people can’t get to it.

The Kimono Netbook Sleeve is available now for $24.95.

Both of these products are named after endangered animals. In fact all of GreenSmart products are, and they support these animals by donating 10% of their profits to the WWF and other organizations.  This company also stands behind their products they will repair or replace any bag if you are to find a defect in the materials or the workmanship when you receive your item from them.

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