iTwin Review

The iTwin seems like an unlimited Dropbox on a USB stick. Other companies have created a software like this but there are limitations of how much space you have. iTwin is an unlimited cloud thumb dive for a one cost of $99.

Design and Setup
The iTwin looks like a long USB stick. The only difference is that is has a male USB jack at both ends. Setup is easy. All you need to do is stick the iTwin into a USB slot in your PC or Mac and iTwin’s software will self-install from the USB stick. After the install you will have an icon Windows Explorer for a PC, or in Finder on a Mac. The next step is simple as cake. All you have to do is drag any folders or files that you want to be accessible anywhere into the iTwin folder. Next up is to snap th iTwin in half and put the other end into a different computer that you want to view the files on, then the iTwin will perform the same self-installation your other computer. And amazing feature of the iTwin is its compatibility to go from Windows and Mac and vise versa. On bother of you computers there will be a folder within iTwin for you to access your other file.

The two iTwin halves are specially linked to only one another. When you install the software you will be emailed a link with a disable code in case you lose the other half. If you lose the other half you can buy a $50 replacement that can be paired with the remaining half. The iTwin uses a random 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) key each time they are paired and plugged into a computer. You can also set your own password.

There is little to no performance drop on the computer. Because this is a “Cloud thumbdrive” the speed is limited to the speed of you Internet source. Most people have Internet that is fast enough to make use see, instantaneous.

The iTwin is simple to use and inexpensively solves the Dropbox limitations. For those who want to keep files up-to-date between two computers the iTwin is for you.

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