Jon Rubinstein departs from HP

The former CEO of Palm, turned webOS VP at Hewlett-Packard (HP), Jon Rubinstein has decided to cal it quits. Jon agreed to work with HP for a committed 24 months when they bought Palm and now that term has come to its end. Jon’s time with HP has seen many different role shifts for himself and that of other executives at the company, and we think the writing was on the wall for Jon to leave HP eventually.

Rubinstein gained fame as one of the creators of the Apple iPod and it was in 2006 when Jon would leave Apple. Shortly after in 2007, Jon became a partner of a private equity firm called Elevation Partners that had Palm on its investment portfolio. Two years later, in 2009, Jon would replace the then longtime CEO of Palm, Ed Colligan. Rubinstein totally restructured Palm and brought about the creation of WebOS as well as the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi only to be limited with the resources Palm had at the time. Palm eventually decided to sell itself to HP and that relationship would birth the Palm Veer, the TouchPad, as well as new editions to the Palm Pre smartphones. The lackluster sales of the new products would lead HP to announced halting production on further WebOS hardware and Rubinstein would shift roles from VP of WebOS to a newly created role that would give him charge of product innovation. Sources close to the matter explain that the role change was the beginning of the departure for Rubinstein. Where will Job go now? Now that is the real question. For now, Jon said in a brief comment to AllThingsD that he was “going to take a well deserved break after four and a half years of developing webOS.”


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