FileSonic Disables File Sharing

In what looks like a move made in response to what happened to Megaupload and its executives, FileSonic has disabled the file sharing abilities that users have come to expect from this service. Megaupload is a file-sharing service that was shut down this past Thursday by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI on charges of online piracy among others. Both free and paying users are affected by this change in services and policy and now users can only access content they have saved and uploaded on the FileSonic website themselves. It looks like FileSonic has become cautious of its own possible future brush with the US Feds. If this becomes a trend with other major file-sharing companies, than maybe SOPA and PIPA are not even needed to hinder the internet and that scares us.

FileSonic has also gone ahead and also suspended its affiliates rewards program that paid users money when users downloaded their uploaded files. FileSonic has not come out and publicly addressed why these changes have been made themselves, but it is pretty clear to see they are being proactive to avoid what has happened to Megaupload. FileSonic is one of the biggest file-sharing providers on the net today, and now they have been riddled down to being more akin to Dropbox.

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