RocketHub: Working Jedi Holocron

Working Jedi Holocron

RocketHub is a place where people can go and ask for donations for things ranging from programs to crazy devices. Sometimes the projects are bunks and others are unquie and creative. One such creative project is one by Rob Petkau, who is asking for donations to create a working Jedi Holocron. The Holocrons from the Star Wars universe are devices which hold vast amounts of information ranging from libraries to blueprints to spaceships, but in this case, Petaku has created a working 16GB portable hard drive in the shape of a Sith Holocron which you can purchase from his website Genesis Custom Sabers.

Jedi Holocron Blueprints

What Petkau is asking for donations now is to create one in the shape of a Jedi Holocron. The difference being that a Sith Holocron (as shown in the picture) is in a triangle shape where as a Jedi Holocron is in the shape of a square. Currently Petkau is asking for $9000 in donations to create 100 working Jedi Holocrons which would cover the costs of the parts.

What is cool about this is not only can you look like a true Star Wars fan by having a Holocron portable hard drive, but they are not cheaply made Holocrons either. All Holocrons are made from anodized aluminum parts are precisely machined to securely hold the acrylic crystal pyramid. The pyramid functions as a prism, refracting light in interesting ways. Depending on your viewing angle you can see into the heart of the Holocron mechanism. Best of all, when the USB connection is active, the heard of the Holocron glows, as if coming to life!

The Jedi Holocrons would glow blue, while the Sith glows red. Currently you can purchase the Sith Holocrons for $260 which I presume will be the same price for the Jedi Holocrons as well.

Jedi Holocron Donation Page
Sith Holocron Information

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