IK Multimedia announces iKlip Studio

iKlip Studio

IK Multimedia, the creators of the popular iRig series have announced their newest product, iKlip Studio for the iPad and iPad 2. The iKlip is an iPad desktop stand designed for musicians holding the iPad firmly on studio desks or other surfaces when using a variety of music and other apps.

The iKlip Studio is made of lightweight, shock-resistant thermoplastic that is durable and solid to reliably support the iPad. Rubber foot-pads grip the desktop and prevent unwanted sliding. Its support tray also fits most cases for ultra-quick positioning of an iPad of any generation.

iKlip Back

The device can be quickly rotated between its horizontal and vertical position to suit any app, and convenient openings in the housing allow accessibility to every port of the device for charging or connecting to external speakers with handy slots for keeping the cables neatly organized. A detachable bracket is also included to hold the iRig interface adapter in place and keep it from hanging from the iPad. For maximum portability, iKlip Studio folds completely flat so it can be quickly inserted into any iPad bag and carried anywhere.

Currently the iKlip is available for pre-order from their website and costs $29.99

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