What does the Wizard of Woz think about Android?

Steve Wozniak with Android

When I read about Steve Wozniak’s thoughts on Android reported by The Daily Best I was astonished. Apple CEO Steve Jobs hated Android so much that he vowed to use every last penny and up to his dying breath to destroy Android. Continue reading to see what Steve Wozniak thinks about Android.

Oddly enough, Steve Wozniak, says he’s a big fan of Android. Woz states that the iPhone is the best overall smartphone, but with Android leading in certain areas. but he says there are ways in which Android has leapt ahead of Apple.
Woz says:

“My primary phone is the iPhone,”

“I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”

Woz says that Android voice commands work better. Woz likes how Android has built-in the navigation system to make it seem like the phone is the GPS

Android phones are a tad bit more difficult to use that iOS phones.

“if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways,” Woz says.

When Woz showed up on the Google campus to pick up his pre-release version of the Galaxy Nexus, caused a ruckus in the Apple community.

Actually, Woz isn’t crazy about the Galaxy Nexus. He prefers the Motorola Droid Razr. Unlike many Apple bloggers and fans, Woz has no hatred towards Google and Android.

A large question was Siri. Woz stated that he liked Siri when it was an independent company before it was bought by Apple

“I used to ask Siri, ‘What are the five biggest lakes in California?’ and it would come back with the answer. Now it just misses. It gives me real estate listings. I used to ask, ‘What are the prime numbers greater than 87?’ and it would answer. Now instead of getting prime numbers, I get listings for prime rib, or prime real estate,” Woz says.

“With the iPhone 4 I could press a button and call my wife. Now on the 4S I can only do that when Siri can connect over the Internet. But many times it can’t connect. I’ve never had Android come back and say, ‘I can’t connect over the Internet.’”

“I have a lower success rate with Siri than I do with the voice built into the Android, and that bothers me,”

“I’ll be saying, over and over again in my car, ‘Call the Lark Creek Steak House,’ and I can’t get it done. Then I pick up my Android, say the same thing, and it’s done. Plus I get navigation. Android is way ahead on that.”

Another complaint he has about the iPhone 4s is.

“With the iPhone, something happened with the new OS or the new phone, and it just started running through the battery so fast,”
“I’ve had a lot of issues with things I have to turn off just to save the battery life.”
Woz’s most known sentence said at this interview was:

“My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”

Woz says he still recommends the iPhone as a best choice for most users, especially Mac users.

I think this is an interesting conversation he had and his relationship with Google and Android.


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