Sennheiser Shows Off Advanced VMX 200 Bluetooth Headset at CES

Sennheiser, a company that has a strong focus in microphones, and headphones has just announced the availability of their latest Bluetooth 3.0 headset: the VMX 200. The VMX 200’s predominate feature is its use of advanced technology that provides clear call quality even in noisy environments.

The VMX 200 features two microphones: one of which focuses on detecting noises that are not coming from you in order to cancel the noise before reaching the second microphone. The VMX 200 also provides its future buyers with a high quality speaker for even better call quality enhancement.

No one wants a Bluetooth headset that will weigh them done. With the VMX 200 weighing in at less than a third of an ounce, you won’t even have to worry about that. In addition to its light weight, the VMX 200 features a 6 hour battery life via talk time and 10 days on standby.

With the VMX 200 Bluetooth Headset, you won’t find a lack in either design, or function as it has been recognized for its attractive design by Red Dot Design Award in 2011. If interested in the VMX 200, you can get yours if you are willing to shell out $149.99 for such a thing.

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