CoveritLive Experienced Hacking Incident

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CoveritLive, a live blogging site (which we used ourselves) was recently hacked on January 7th, 2012. Although it is unknown to what extent users information was accessed, CoveritLive has assured that no financial account information was compromised.

The investigation into the hacking is still ongoing, however e-mails have been sent to users advising them to change their passwords and to not open any suspicious e-mails asking for personal information. There has been no evidence of an unauthorized individual actually retrieving or is using any information due to CoveritLive’s security practice which encrypts all users account passwords.

As of today, all users will be asked to change their passwords as a precaution when logging back into their accounts and that no events will be disrupted while the change is invoked.

For people with questions regarding the password changing process are asked to contact CoveritLive at

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