NPD Releases 2011 Retail Video Game Sales

Once again we have entered into a new year, and with that NPD has released their stats for 2011’s Retail Video Game sales. With the economy at it’s lowest, it’s not surprising to see a decrease in sales. Thankfully the gaming market is keeping a steady balance  by only dropping a few percents in newer game sales while a slight increase in HD Console software sales made up for the loss in profits.



[spoiler]According to leading market
research company, The NPD Group, the preliminary estimate* for total
consumer spend on gaming content via all monetization methods,
including new physical video and PC games, used games, game rentals,
subscriptions, digital full-game downloads, social network games,
downloadable content, and mobile games, is between  $16.3 to $16.6
billion. This total consumer spend on games content in 2011, which
includes both physical and digital formats, represents sales that are
down approximately 2 percent when compared to 2010.

Based on this estimate, spending on new physical content at retail
continues to account for the majority of the total consumer spend on
games content.  U.S. retail sales of new physical video game content,
which includes portable, console and PC game software, generated
revenues of $9.3 billion, an 8 percent decline over the $10.1 billion
generated in 2010.

Bright spots came from HD console software sales, which were up 9
percent in 2011, as well as increases in the consumer spend on used
games sales, full-game digital downloads and downloadable content, and
mobile gaming apps, which partially offset declines in the other areas
of consumer spend on content.

“Overall industry results are not entirely surprising given that we
are on the back end of the current console lifecycle, combined with
the continued digital evolution of gaming.  Core gamers continue to be
engaged and spend on established franchises across both the digital
and physical format using multiple devices for different gaming
occasions,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

“Our overall estimate of the market continues to point toward the
increased imperative for deeper visibility into digital distribution
than is available today, not only in the U.S. but globally.  This is
the goal of our partnership with EEDAR, and central to our discussions
with publishers and others in the gaming community,” said David
McQuillan, president, Games at The NPD Group.

* A final estimate of the total consumer spend on the games industry
will be released in March with the final 2011 issue of the Games
Market Dynamics:  U.S. (2011)[/spoiler]

The actual stat’s for the 2011 Retail Sales can be found here.


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