Let’s Play: Dark Souls Vol.2 – Taurus Demon

Follow Keith and Andrew as they try to explore the incredibly deadly world of Dark Souls.  Traps, enemy players, and massive boss monsters galore.  Spoiler Alert: we have no idea what we’re doing and we die a lot.

After hours of confused gameplay where we went the wrong way not once but twice, we finally found the correct path to take from the beginning of the post-introduction game.  Andrew gets all proactive and starts looking up gameplay mechanics while as Keith explores the Undead Burg.  Kicking skeletons over cliffs is fun.

Andrew complains about the booklet until SURPRISE DRAGON.  We also kindle the Undead Burg’s campfire.

This video is titled “Charlie Chaplin and the Foreboding Roost.” Have fun with that.

We finally make it to the Taurus Demon’s location but somehow get killed by skeletons before encountering him. Whoops.

After numerous attempts the Taurus Demon is finally defeated in a quick 90 second battle!  For a moment it becomes all to easy to forget that we have only scratched the surface of Dark Souls and will have a lot more to worry about very soon.

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