China Goes Crazy for iPhone 4S Release

MacRumors were able to acquire the picture above that shows hundreds of customers in line waiting for their Apple’s Xidan Joy City store in Beijing to start selling the iPhone 4S. There are 2 stores in Beijing and 3 in Shanghai with reports that all the stores had huge lines of customers as you will see from the additional photos below of another Apple store in China.

We mentioned in a previous article that China Unicom would be offering the iPhone 4S 16GB and 32GB models for free with 3-YR contracts. This may be why people are lining up in the droves for this device. There were 2-YR contract options offered as well for different pricing on handsets. Looks like China is not waiting to see what other wondrous other mobile devices may be revealed at CES 2012, they have made their decision to go with Apple for their next long contract commitment cycle. According to Tech in Asia:

“At the two stores in Beijing, and the three in Shanghai, there are clearly lines stretching hundreds of meters, with reports of hundreds of queuers at each, snaking around city blocks. Most stores have a ticketing system to deter queue-jumpers, but that won’t stop the ‘scalpers’ who buy the phones to resell later at a profit.”

Looks like Apple remains to be quite a successful device in nearly all markets, even when there are rumors of a newer one to be released soon this year.

Apple’s Pudong store in Shanghai

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