CES 2012: Microsoft’s Last Keynote, Kinect and Metro Windows 8

This year was Microsoft‘s last and final keynote at CES. No word on whether it was Microsoft’s choice or a decision made by CES to allow Microsoft to move on. The news was presented by the Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association which organizes every CES each year.

Microsoft this year presented the same ole Windows 8 that they presented last year with more news that Kinect will be coming to Windows February 1st. With Kinect on Windows you will be able to control the Windows interface with gestures and voice. I can see this feature working best with the new Windows 8 metro interface more than the Windows 7 interface.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 interface is to compete with Apple’s interface but doesn’t seem as easy to use on PC’s than Mobile Phones. The interface works great on the Windows Phone 7 and tablets but has yet to gain ground on PC’s.

Microsoft also demoed a new feature called Interactive TV which will be gone into in more detail later in the year but showed the demo below:

Microsoft didn’t really show off much new, just Windows 8 metro, and some Kinect features. Maybe Microsoft plans on hosting their own conference next year which could be why they are leaving CES. Please post your thoughts below.

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