iCade Sheds a Few Pounds for CES 2012 & Brings Some Backup

The iCade has been able to get some traction among iPad owners looking to satisfy their need for nostalgic accessories. ION is no bringing us the new generation of iCade products at CES 2012 with the iCade Core for iPad and the iCade Mobile for iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch. Instead of traditional hardware connectivity we will see Bluetooth being used in these new variants and this will allow for the iPad to be mounted in either landscape or portrait views.

The original iCade for the iPad, pictured directly above, was clearly an attempt to represent an arcade replica in miniature form in the best way. The new iCade Core keep most of the same features of the original, but removes the exterior housing and creates a more sleek design. We gather this would make the device more appealing to people looking for less bulk and to also offer much more portability. Both the Core and Mobile iCade devices should be shipping sometime this year. We are still waiting on pricing for the iCade Core. The iCade Mobile will be priced at $99.99 and be designed very similar to you average portable gaming console with 4 shoulder buttons, 4 front soft keys, and a D-Pad.

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