Zippy BT-500 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Our good friends over at Zippy went ahead and sent us over one of their new Bluetooth Keyboards, the BT-500. The keyboard was initially marketed towards iOS products, more specifically the iPad.

The keyboard, right out of the box is quite small but that is to be expected for a keyboard that is made to be mobile and for smaller form factor devices. Lets get to the details and specs of the Keyboard first.

The Zippy BT-500 keyboard supports both Bluetooth version 2.0 and 1.0 and can also memorize up to 6 Bluetooth devices. The BT-500 also supports fast switching between those 6 devices with a max transmission range of 10 meters. The BT-500 does run on AAA batteries which can be a disadvantage unless you plan on carrying batteries with you.

I used the keyboard briefly and it is quite small especially when compared to the ZAGG Mate keyboard for the iPad. I did find myself pressing keys that i did not mean to due to my larger fingers. To me, the keyboard was designed for someone with more slender fingers than myself and would work better for someone that way. However, the keyboard functions very well and is also very responsive the only drawback is that I cannot fit my fingers on the home row. If that drawback does not bother you, then the Zippy BT-500 might be a good keyboard for you. Overall I would rate this keyboard at 3.5/5 for its usability.

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