ZAGGskins Review on iPhone 4S

Recently, the ever-wonderful and kind people at ZAGG bestowed another gift upon me. With my excited news regarding the arrival of my new iPhone 4S, they sent along a little Christmas surprise that was very much appreciated. I eagerly awaited the package and when it arrived I discovered a ZAGGskin with a beautiful and simple rainbow design on a white background, perfect because of my artistic personality and the fact that I chose a white iPhone. Also very felicitous because these were not details that I shared with ZAGG. Anyway, onward past my impressed excitement and onto the analysis.

The ZAGGskin does not require any SHIELDspray solution for installation. I consider this a huge plus, as even though I am accustomed to dealing with the SHIELDspray when installing the InvisibleSHIELDs, it is messy and can be somewhat of a hassle to deal with. Very much like Gelaskins’ product, the ZAGGskin is simply peel and stick. Very unlike Gelaskins, however, is the fact that the ZAGGskin is very easily removed from the device and repositioned. It does not stick to the device right away, allowing the person installing it to pull it back and reposition it to the most meticulous specifications. Once the best placement has been achieved, you can press down firmly to distribute the adherent qualities of the skin to secure the bond.

After careful repositioning of the back piece, I pressed down on the skin in very much the same way that I would install an InvisibleSHIELD, starting from the center and working my way out to the edges. Once the installation of the back piece was finished, I began the installation of the side strips. Because of the nature of their small size, it was a slightly more difficult task. I found that the best method was to carefully align one end of the strip, and then tenuously hold it down with a fingernail while attempting to secure the opposite end of the strip to the right spot. Once that was finished, I pressed down along the full length of the strip to achieve maximum adhesion. The entire installation process was easy, quick, and left no mess whatsoever.

ZAGGskins differ from Gelaskins in that they have more layers. Whereas Gelaskins consist of an image printed on a material with an adhesive backing, the ZAGGskin consists of three layers. The first is the adhesive backing, the second is your image, and the third and final layer is the same technology that makes InvisibleSHIELDs such incredible scratch protection. All of this is packed into a layer that is just .3mm thin. ZAGG offers a number of pre-made designs on their site, but also offers a custom design tool so that you may upload your own images to make a design that is truly your own. I now prefer the ZAGGskin technology to Gelaskins because of the third layer added on top of the image. The only problem that I had with my beautiful Gelaskins was that they could become scratched. I feel that with the InvisbileSHIELD layer, my iPhone is more protected from harm.

I have been using my iPhone for about two weeks now with the ZAGGskin on it, and have encountered none of the problems that one might expect. Every piece is still securely adhered, even though some of them were repositioned a number of times because I insist on perfect alignment. There are no detectable scratches on the face of the skin, and I know that had I not had the skin on it, my phone would most certainly be marred now as it has taken a few “flying lessons” out of my pocket. I give this product a 4.5 out of 5 gears; I just wish that there were some more specific instructions included with it. It was only slightly difficult to discern which strip went where on the sides of my iPhone. Other than that, it’s perfect! I originally planned to use the skin only for the purposes of the review and then remove it to replace with clear InvisibleSHIELD protection because I love being able to see the original design of the 4S, but I’m so happy with it that I think I’ll leave it on!

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