Nintendo 3DS Lite and Pokémon Gray Rumored

If there is any company who knows how to re-release the same thing and make money from minor changes, it’s Nintendo. Despite competition, last year’s release of the Nintendo 3DS has been achieving strong sales amidst rival portable gaming devices like the PlayStation Portable and the more prevalent smartphones. Pokémon Black and White had exceptionally strong record-breaking launch sales in Japan, the UK and USA which had previously been set by it’s predecessors, cementing it’s place as one of the most popular portable gaming series ever.

Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy stated that “a new version of the 3DS might be lighter and have more battery life”. While none of this is confirmed, it has become staple for Nintendo to release updated versions of the main DS series with the DS Lite, and DSi XL which were released eighteen and twelve months respectively after the original versions of those consoles.

In other Nintendo news we have CoroCoro Comic, a monthly Japanese manga magazine, featuring the legendary Pokémon Kyurem. Kyurem was first hinted at in the Black and White games as another legendary Pokémon who was as yet unattainable and also acts as a teaser for the upcoming film “The Sacred Swordsman”. The Pokémon company has released a postcard stating that we can expect more Pokémon games this year.

While neither of these stories are confirmed, history tells us that all the events are likely and as such will come as no surprise to anyone.

In news regarding another incredibly successful game series, the orchestra touring in honor of the Zelda series’ 25th anniversary is about to go on the road. The symphony, titled “Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses”, will be performed for the first time on January 10 in Dallas, TX, and the orchestra will continue to tour in the US until July 14. The orchestra will then be taking a brief break before beginning the Canadian leg of their tour, the first date of which is displayed on the schedule as September 29. The entire performance is comprised of musical selections from the whole of the Zelda series. At this time, the website is limited to information about performance dates and allows you to book tickets thorough Ticketmaster. The “Team”, “Press & Booking”, and “About” pages promise more info coming soon. If you are interested in the schedule, click here to see if there will be a performance near you.

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