Let’s Play – Star Wars the Old Republic – Glitches and Tips

Since the release of the Bioware MMO, the game has becomes immensely popular, so we decided to share some videos that we’ve found are some rather interesting encounters in the game.

Our first video shows an interesting graphics trick used to cause less problems when loading the expansive zones you roam through, to which creeps Keith out. It is far more interesting than it sounds but this video of grass growing is a good example of how Bioware has made an attempt to ease the graphical strain for players.

This is a problem players have run into every now and again, myself included, Keith shows a glitch where a mineral he needs to harvest will not work.

Here is a really common confusion from players; After stuggling to figure out how to blow up these ships as part of the Missing Agent and Repelling Invasion quests Keith made a video to show others what to do.

Keith encountered a glitch where all enemies in an entire area are impossible to kill because they just evade every few seconds.

Like most players, there are moments where terrain just doesn’t work like it should and you might find yourself stuck, like Keith, inside an area where you cannot escape from. Keith didn’t know this at the time, but if you simply type ‘/stuck’ into the chat bar you will be teleported out of the area you are stuck in.

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